We Are Americans
                By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.

              There are those who mistake kindness for weakness. But, let there be no doubt. We will not allow a fringe element to take over our country because we are recognized as a compassionate and generous people.
              We will not let forces apply community organization tactics to destroy the country we love.
              Those who love their country, the United States of America warts and all, are now faced with groups that hide and subvert their true motives. These groups endeavor to insert themselves into the polticial arena, never fully disclosing who they are or what they want for this country. However, America's patriots will step up to protect her, the greatest country in the world, an unashamed world power, the nation everyone else in the world flees to for refuge.
                We will say "what else has worked as well?” "What other country can the hungry and the afflicted come for succor?” "What desperate people choose to immigrate to Cuba or North Korea or China?" We know hatred when we see it, but we will choose not to hate. We love this country. And do not doubt, we will never allow America to be taken down by powers far inferior.
                For better and for worse we are in for the long haul.
                We will pay our mortgages and our taxes. We will not abandon our properties or our country. We will simply work harder.
 We will clean up after ourselves and obey the letter of the law. We will painstakingly exercise the kindness that this good country has allowed us to assume. We will use our intelligence and our strength and effect change through the power of the ballot box.
                We will remember from whence we and our country have come. Therefore we will be safe from unlawful entrance to our homes, we will be able to bear arms to protect ourselves and our country, we will freely practice whatever religion we choose and gladly welcome all religions to the melting pot called America -- as long as immigration laws are observed.
                And we will gladly, not stupidly, allow you who wish America ill, to exercise freedom of assembly and speech as long as we are allowed to exercise these freedoms as well without being called racists, bigots or narrow-minded. We know history. We remember what it was like before, before we were a nation and we will strive to protect the best solution to government, economics and life ever seen in the world.
                And we will do all this for all to see, not in secrecy, not by subterfuge, not by guile. Our country does not work that way.
                Try to take us over. Just try.
                 Hold the line, America.

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