Fifty Shades of Shifty

November 15th, 2017 1:58 am

"My dad used to tell me, boy, don't ever miss a good chance to shut up." Dr. Phil McGraw


November 15, 2017


By: Linda Case Gibbons


          If you're confused, as well you might be, Jeff Sessions is the attorney general, and Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, John McCain and a dozen or more recalcitrants, are Republicans.

          Some of you might be muttering, and that's never a good thing, "Who the hell does Mitch McConnell think he is?" Who the hell does John McCain think he is?" and, unfortunately, "What the hell is Jeff Sessions doing and saying?"

          And you'd be right. These Republicans are a mess, and so is Jeff Sessions.

          Everyone agrees the attorney general is a fine fellow, but it was painful watching him testify before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday, and it is clear, more than ever, that he cannot perform the job he was hired to do.

          And neither can the Establishment Republicans we elected.

          Scandals are exploding like grenades around Jeff Sessions' head, and he does nothing.

          Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as head of Hillary's Democratic National Committee, never fired her lying, stealing I.T. guy, until he was caught by the FBI as he had one foot on a plane to Pakistan.

          And Sessions' DOJ has done nothing about that or  to investigate Hillary's ties to Russia and the "Uranium One" scandal, even when reporters at The Hill  and Circa News unearthed an abundance of evidence implicating members of the government intelligence community.

          Even those of us who fell off a turnip truck know that whenever two or three are gathered in Clinton's name, there is a conspiracy.

          Why, then, are Republicans ignoring corruption issues important to the people who elected them? And why are they putting Judge Moore as number one on their To Do list? Remember, if he goes, Republicans can lose a seat in the Senate. But his detractors don't seem to care.

          Whether Moore may or may not have skeletons in his closet is not for the court of public opinion, or for Mitch McConnell to decide.

          But who knows? Maybe it feels good to "stone someone to death." That's what they do in some countries, but not here. We're a strictly "innocent until proven guilty" country.

          Or are we?

          Seems the Deep State isn't just for Democrats anymore, and "innocent" depends on who you are.

          Mitch McConnell has spent a lot of time hating Judge Moore when it wasn't popular to hate him, and spent $9 million to oppose Moore in his bid for Jeff Sessions' Alabama Senate seat. But it didn't work.

          Maybe he should have asked Hillary how to rig an election. And maybe Judge Moore should ask her how to say "I didn't do it," and get away with it.

          She has the experience.

          Somehow or other, circumstances have arisen which make it possible for Republicans to kick Judge Moore out of the game after he won the primary, and to turn him out of the Senate if he wins the election. A few weeks ago, he was riding high, and now Republicans are pointing him and his horse to the road out of town.

          Even Sgt. Bergdahl wasn't treated that harshly, and he was a deserter.

          But in the current environment, who could be condemned for condemning a sexual predator?

          Who would blame the victims? Or ask for proof? And who would ask, "Why'd you wait so long to confront your abuser? And why are you doing it now?"

          No one would.

          It wouldn't be politically correct, and it wouldn't be "nice." But blaming a reprehensible predator without proof is okay...because it all depends on who you are.

          John McCain and Jeb Bush both agree Judge Moore should not be in the Senate. But McCain didn't object to Ted Kennedy remaining in the Senate after he let a young woman drown in his car in Chappaqiddick. And Jeb, with impeccable timing, chose to comment on Judge Moore's behavior, as sexual harassment rumors are swirling around his own father.

          Which he didn't mention...because it all depends on who you are.

          Chelsea Handler, with her usual class, agrees with all the Republicans coming out of the woodwork to castigate Roy Moore, but forgot about Juanita Broaddrick when she tweeted:

          "Imagine being molested by an older man. Then the man denies ever doing it and then goes on and gets elected to United States Senate. What message does that send to young girls everywhere? And to all the men who abuse women?"

          "I can imagine," Broaddrick responded. "I was raped by the Arkansas AG who then becomes governor and president, and NBC held my interview explaining the rape until after his impeachment hearing."

          The American people wouldn't have known anything about any of this if Monica Lewinski hadn't saved that little blue dress, because Bill lied under oath about what he did...or didn't the Oval Office. But, because it all depends on who you are, he is still regarded as a leader in the Democratic Party.

          It is tragic that after centuries of dragging ourselves out of the Dark Age of Man's Inhumanity to Man, that the Mob is back, rooting for the Lions. And that the Mob is in our very own government.

         Hold the line, America.

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