Bringing Back Merry Christmas

December 27th, 2017 2:03 am
"It's discouraging to see how many people are shocked by honesty, and how few by deceit." Noel Coward
December 27, 2017
By: Linda Case Gibbons
          Centuries ago, back around 37 B.C., King Herod saved himself from being replaced by Jesus as the King of the Jews by slaughtering every baby boy under the age of two.
          London Mayor Sadiq Khan continued his mission to overrun Britain with Muslims, by arrogantly stating that President Trump was not welcome in his city, or in the country, because a visit by the U.S. president would  be against the "interests and security of Londoners."
          This is the same man who fought to lift the UK government ban against Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farakkahn's entry into Britain.
          And former President Obama, in a childish attempt to remain relevant, continued his nine-year Apology Tour by bashing Donald Trump in a BBC interview with Prince Harry. It aired this week.
          The people mentioned could be called obnoxious, but they are probably just scared...And obnoxious. It's about losing power.
           From olden days to nowadays, power grabbers have tried to hold onto their power by destroying those they feared would wrest it from them.
          Herod wanted to remain king. The mayor of London wanted to continue to favor Muslims over his own country's citizens. 
          And Obama wanted both, to be "King," and to continue to protect Muslims over American citizens, as he did during all of his presidency.
          It's never easy dealing with people like this, the ones who want to be the center of attraction.
          Even though December 25th is Jesus' birthday, there were still people who wanted to upstage him.
          A bakery chain in England produced an Advent calendar featuring the Three Wise Men, kneeling around the manger, with a sausage roll in place of the baby Jesus.
          Christians were outraged. The bakers apologized -- for representing the Son of God as a pastry -- with a bite out of the end of the roll.
          Then there was the guy who invented a black holiday, Maulana Karenga (born Ronald Everett).
          Karenga originally intended Kwanzaa to be a substitute for Christmas, because he said Jesus was psychotic, and Christianity was a white religion that black people should shun. 
          Perhaps it's because the holiday had its roots in the Black Nationalist Movement of the '60s? Or because it was invented by Karenga who was a major figure in the Black Movement? But the end result was upstaging Jesus.
          Cheeky fellow.
          During Obama's term in office, the greeting "Merry Christmas" was rendered politically incorrect. And many people protested the display of Nativity scenes in public, even in front of churches.
          An Irish priest, Fr. Desmond O'Donnell, recommended that the word "Christmas" be retired to the dust bin, so incensed he was because of the flagrant commercialization of the day.
          But the best of all is Alexa, a creation of Amazon, and a gal with a decided liberal bent.
          Steven Crowder, an American conservative political commentator asked Alexa some questions which disclosed her political bias.
          Cheeky girl.
          "Alexa," Crowder asked. "Who is Jesus Christ?"
           "Jesus Christ is a fictional character," was her answer.
           That was it.  Well, not entirely. When asked, "Who is Muhamnad," Alexa rattled off the attributes of the man for several minutes, and about Allah, whom she said was "the one true God."
          But what do we care? And are we surprised at whatever the left-leaning Silicon Valley does? There were many beautiful things that were happening during the Christmas Season.
          A cow named Stormy made a break for it from a Nativity scene in Philly...Twice. Cheeky cow!
          After he was brought back to the Old Reformed Church of Christ, he was given a full breakfast, with the hope it would make him take his job a little more seriously, and that he'd stick around with the other animals until after Christmas.
          A six-year-old kid, Ryan, made $11 million reviewing toys on YouTube. The savvy little fella' is right on the money in evaluating toys for tots, so much so, toy companies are sending him their toys to review.
          And last, but not least, our president, the one London's mayor doesn't have much use for, provided hundreds of soup-to-nuts dinners for the law enforcement personnel working on the holiday, protecting the president and his family.
          He paid for the dinners at Mar-a-Lago out of his own pocket, arranging the meal times to run from 1 to 7 o'clock so everyone could dine on a rotating basis. He also made a surprise visit to Walter Reed Hospital to visit our soldiers, and played golf with members of the Coast Guard to thank them for their help during this year's back-to-back hurricanes. 
          It was exactly in keeping with the Spirit of the Season, from the Man Who Brought Back "Merry Christmas." 
          And it was exactly in keeping with the president who always puts Americans first.
          Hold the line, America.
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