July 14th, 2021 6:22 pm
July 14, 2021

Is there anything George Bush isn't angry about? Well, he was fond of everything Obama did, and what Lunchbucket Joe is doing. Apparently. He never criticizes them, like he did and still does with Trump.

Bush is the fella' who sent troops into Afghanistan and now he's upset they're coming home.

Trump negotiated trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada which brought billions into U.S. coffers. Employment was up, illegal immgration was down, and companies came back to the U.S. to manufacture their goods here.

He even fast-tracked a Covid 19 vaccine.

But like his pal, Obama, Bush doesn't seem to want any of whatever is good for America.

Can you say "RINO" boys and girls?

Hang tough. 
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