July 28th, 2021 5:46 pm
July 28, 2021

Heaven needs to help Geraldo Rivera.

He's a loose cannon, and that's not all bad. And he does know how to use the First Amendment, which he dearly needs.

This week he brought his considerable medical experience to bear when he declared non- vaccinated, non-regularly tested people to be "selfish and arrogant."

Gosh. There are those who had Covid, and have antibodies and don't need the vaccine.

And then there are those who think what they do with their bodies is their business. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate. That is their question, not Geraldo's.

But that's the way he operates. Remember when he made a big media deal out of what was in Al Capone's vault at the Lexington Hotel in Chicago? And then the vault was empty?

It was big news, stupid, but big, and now, 35 years later, Geraldo's still doing the same kind of hijinks.

It's good for a couple of laughs, as long as he keeps his fingers off our Butterfingers.

Hang tough
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