November 20th, 2013 11:28 am
  By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.
Time passes, people are busy and news happens so fast we quickly forget about one story as another develops close on the heels of the one before.
          Distraction. It makes it hard to keep track of what is important and what is not. It also can be a political tactic. As Rahm Emanuel noted, you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.
          That is why we have "Lest We Forget."
          We will reach back for news that we think we should all remember in order to stay involved and informed. Politics today is no longer a spectator sport. Remembering facts and issues can help us make good decisions when choosing our country's leaders.
August 15, 2018
          When choosing a Leader, the person should be a person who isn't afraid to lead.
          This week New York's Gov. Cuomo showed his stuff.
           Obviously bullied into leaning further left, this Democrat governor made a speech, and said, "America was never that great."
           A few days later, he walked it back. He said "Of course America was great."
            We already knew that...
           It's clear why he said what he said.
          Gubernatorial candidate/"Sex and the City" actress Cynthia Nixon scared him when she said, "If they're going to call us Socialists, let's give them the real thing!"
           Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is on the same Socialist page. And Hillary has already said she lost the 2016 election because she was perceived as a "Capitalist!"
           He shouldn't have, but why wouldn't Cuomo rise to the bait. He doesn't want to be outdone, be seen as an old fashioned fuddy duddy.
          But he also doesn't want to be a Leader who stands up for what he says. Or thinks for himself.
          Backing down. Leading from behind. It's never a good tactic, especially in a Leader.
July 18, 2018
          Whoopi Goldberg is like other Liberals who hate Trump more than they love America, like the ones who protested outside Rep. Maxine Waters' office this week, shouting, "America was never great!"
         And this has turned her into an angry, bitter women.
          It's a shame. She is a fine actress. We loved her in "Ghost," "Jumping' Jack Flash," "Sister Act," but we sure don't like whoever she is now.
          There was no excuse for the shabby way she treated Judge Jeanine Pirro this week on The View.
          And it isn't the first time Whoopi has stormed off the set. No. Both she and Joy Behar walked off in a huff when Bill O'Reilly appeared on the show. They can hand it out, but can't take it.
         It's what happens when you are consumed with hatred, and the president you despise is doing great things for the country, and you can't deny it.
         So you shout a little louder. Order your guest off the set. Rip up the interview cards for that guest, in plain sight of your audience. Threaten and cuss out your guest, backstage. And then you deny that you ever lose your cool.
          The Judge's demeanor during the current "dog fight," was respectful, prepared and dignified.
          Her reaction to the dust up? She said she'd go back there again. "No one intimidates me," the former District Attorney, Prosecutor and Judge said. Gutsy gal.
          And, ironically, for all Goldberg's ranting and raving that day, the Judge's new book, "Liars, Leakers and Liberals" is selling through the roof. Thanks to her appearance on The View!
          Go figure.
 June 27, 2018
          Outside of burning questions such as "Why are young men today bald? Totally bald?" and "Why are we all drinking bottled water?" There are others that are equally as important, such as "Why isn't Peter Fonda in jail?" and "Why isn't Peter Strzok in jail?" Ditto, Samantha Bee, Robert DiNero, so on and so on...
          Today, you're lucky if people stop at red lights, but, other than that, law seems to be a thing of the past. If you are on the Left.
           If you're a Leftist, you can do bad, bad things, write news articles that contain no facts, say treasonous things about the president, and never get taken to task, much less be arrested. All you have to do is say afterwards, "Oops! I'm sorry."
         Instead of writing it off as "Oh, that's just Them Darn Liberals," maybe these people are mentally unbalanced, because think about it: What kind of people want to "Blow up the White House?" Say disgusting things about a little 12-year-old boy? Hold a severed, bloody head of the president?
          Even for the artsy types in Hollywood, that ain't normal. Is it?
       June 6, 2018
          Be careful what you wish for. I thought having Rudy back on Trump's team would protect the president from everything. I even thought he should be Attorney General.
          Well, Giuliani is back and now the president needs protection from him.
          Something has happened to the former NY mayor. Physically he looks bad. His eyes roll alarmingly in his head when he is giving many, many, many TV interviews, and unfortunately, at times, you have to wonder if he has just come to the interviews from a very good dinner and an extensive happy hour.
          Giuliani has a lot of fans, and rightly so. But something has happened. He smiles when he shouldn't and seems to be out of touch with the Best Interests of President Donald Trump.
          That's not good.
          He talks, too much, and is inconsistent, alternately stating, "The president won't meet with Mueller. He's done nothing wrong," and then, "When the president meets with Mueller, we have to make sure the conditions are right." Huh?
          Didn't everyone and his brother say Trump never did anything wrong. No evidence of collusion? No Russian nexus? Over and over?
          Michael Savage, a loyal Trumpist from Day One, has observed and commented on the same behavior and his answer? Mr. President. Fire Giuliani.
May 16, 2018
          While the media, including FOX, report endlessly, and try to figure out what the President might have possibly meant when he called MS-13 "animals," don't be distracted. We already know these violent killers hack up people with machetes, so we don't need to media to explain it to us.
          And don't lose sight of the fact that damning evidence has emerged proving the Obama administration used our government's intelligence community to spy on both the American people, and on opposition candidate Donald Trump. "They" would like you forget.
           For eight years Community Organizer Barack Obama used the powers of the IRS, FBI, DOJ, CIA, and other agencies against American citizens, both to help Hillary Clinton in her candidacy, and to keep her out of jail. That's wrong. And illegal.
           Therefore it is important to keep your eye on the ball.
           Inspector General Michael Horowitz' report will be issued in the next few weeks. It is a report which will bring to light more information about the illegal activities of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and those in his administration. Activities that were illegal and for which they should be punished.
           Alarmingly Horowitz' report will be reviewed by the very people who are guilty of subverting our intelligence system, and of trying to bring down our Constitutional Republic.
           It is critical that American citizens become Watch Dogs to ensure that those guilty of working against the American people, those seeking to remove a duly elected president, are not allowed to use their Chicago tactics to silence, or compromise the Inspector General in some way.
           It will be interesting to see if Horowitz' report sees the light of day. Without stonewalling. Without redactions. It's up to us to make sure that it does. And that Horowitz is safe.
May 2, 2018
           Talk, talk, talk. We hear a lot of it from the media. About Donald Trump. But there's one name we never hear. Barack Obama.
           We heard about the scurrilous deeds performed with aplomb by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Only because it was impossible for the media to ignore it.
           But Hillary, Uranium One, Susan Rice, and Huma, nary a word.
           This week Federal District Court Judge T.S. Ellis, sharply questioned the motivations, and the scope, of special counsel Robert Mueller's fraud prosecution of Trump former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. And when he did, the judge said what we all wanted to say for a long time.
           "You don't really care about Mr. Manafort's bank fraud. You really care about getting information Mr. Manafort can give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump and lead to his prosecution or impeachment."
           It is hoped that someone in a position of authority will be as candid when Barack Obama is interviewed about what happened during his watch, in the FBI, and how he let this all happen.
           April 18, 2018
          Sour grapes. Who needs them?
          But calling a spade a spade isn't sour grapes.
          This week we witnessed the sad passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush. She seemed like quite a gal, and I'm glad America, the Bush family, and the staffers who said she meant so much to them, had her in their lives.
          We can wax poetic about the good old days. Watching film clips of a bygone time, of a young Barbara Bush. A self-deprecating, funny Barbara Bush. A motherly Barbara Bush, is heartbreaking.
          But much has changed since the Days of George and Barbara. The world is less kind, less gentle: The turmoil we are experiencing as a nation, the loss of "Bill of Rights" rights. The erosion of First Amendment rights for Conservatives. The push for the eradication of the Second Amendment. Riots in the streets, and a disregard for the Rule of Law. These are all profoundly distressing.
          These changes came about during the presidency of Barack Obama, some reaching back to the Bill Clinton administration. Yet, ironically, these are the men whom the Bush family welcomes into the bosom of their family.
          Why didn't this family, this Republican family, speak out about what was happening to our country? Why, instead, did George Bush break the time-honored custom of not commenting on a sitting president, to mock and criticize the president American voters voted into office in 2016?
          This week there is even more evidence about the actions of a pernicious element in our government, one determined to unseat President Trump. Why then aren't the Bushes, Jeb and George, speaking out on behalf of our country, if they cannot find it in their hearts to speak out on behalf of our President? It's a fair question.
          So mourn the passing of a great lady, Barbara Bush, but don't mourn for the good old days, because These Are the Good Old Days. The Trump Days.
        April 4, 2018
          At this time in history, it is more important than ever that Americans wear their patriotism like a badge of honor.
          Whoever said it, was right: We are fighting for the Soul of our Country.
          For the past eight years, during the course of the Obama Administration, our country has become increasingly divided, our legal system bifurcated to an alarming degree. Politicization of our governments has risen, and voices have been silenced.
          And, no, it wasn't the election of Donald Trump that created the division and the inequities in our legal system, although the Liberal Left would like you to think that.
          "They," the Left, are good at disseminating that point of view. They control it all, Hollywood, the media, and the Republican Establishment, with George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama banding together to "Not Make America Great Again."It's a pretty one-sided battle.
          That's why we thank the Lord there is Twitter.
          How did this happen? Well, you could follow the money. That's always a good idea. The Swamp, from both sides of the aisle, has a lot to lose. They simply cannot afford a President Trump, a self-made man who pays his own way and doesn't take a salary.
          With him in office, the waters in The Swamp have receded, revealing all types. Now lobbyists don't have anything to do. Companies can go straight to the president with their concerns. And Congressmen don't have to keep lobbyists happy, and get paid for the privilege.
          With Trump in office, Congressional work habits are starkly revealed. We have a president who starts his day at 6 a.m. and finishes long after the sun goes down. Seven days a week.
          A president who imposes a limit on spending American taxpayer dollars, not allowing private jet flights for government officials, and firing those who do. A man who makes deals that save those dollars, deals that are good for Americans. All this has made just about everyone on edge.
          Well, at least those who dislike Trump. Like Nancy Pelosi. She wants to take back Congress in 2018 and repeal Trump's tax plan. You know the one. It's the plan that has resulted in company-paid bonuses for workers, and more money in our pay checks.
          This is the reason why we, as citizens of the greatest country in the world, have to do whatever we can, wherever we are, to support a president who knows that we are the greatest country in the world. Because we are fighting for the Soul of our Country.
          See you next week.
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