November 10th, 2021 5:03 pm
November 10, 2021

Who will step up? There are challenges we never thought we'd have, but who will step up? Who will speak out?

Thirteen Republicans threw in the towel and voted with Democrats for Biden's pork-filled bill. They didn't step up. 

But last week Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene visited the D.C. prison where January 6 "rioters" are being held in what is called "The Deplorable Wing."

"Last night I finally got into the deplorable jail, the DC jail where these people are being held for months on end in conditions like I've never seen in my life," Greene told Steve Bannon on "The War Room" show on Real America's Voice on Friday.

Torture, solitary, abuse, reprogramming are reported. These are conditions that are existing under our noses. How different is it from when the German people didn't do anything while Jews were being slaughtered in concentration camps? It's not.

Who will step up to come to the defense of these political prisoners? Can we do what we should do?
Hang tough.
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