December 22nd, 2021 12:13 pm
December 22, 2021

Remember, if you are buying pricey, but decidedly beautiful stuff at Williams Sonoma, that their goods may be classy, but their CEO's aren't.

This  week 100 employees were fired, on a group conference call, in advance of the time their seasonal work would have ended.

According to the Daily Mail, "The layoffs came more than a month before the workers expected their employment to finish, at the end of January, throwing their lives into financial chaos just days before Christmas."

It's terrible. But it's exactly the same situation Joe Biden's Old Doggie is experiiencing right now. Right before Christmas. There's a Doggie in the White House window, but it ain't Old Doggie Major.

Major has been replaced by Puppy "Commander." Circling around, the White House says he's been "re-homed." Hmmm. Well, that does sound like something Joe and The Doctor -- and Williams Sonoma would do.

And Trump wouldn't.

Hang tough.
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