May 11th, 2022 4:20 pm
May 11, 2022

Chuck Schumer is fine with it. So is Nancy Pelosi. And Jen Psaki says the White House is, too: Mobs attempting to intimidate conservative Supreme Court justices are being allowed to do just that without anyone being arrested.

Asked if he was comfortable with these protests, Chuck said he was.

"If protests are peaceful, yes. My house, there's protests three, four times a week outside my house. The American way to peacefully protest is OK," he said.

First of all, besides being ungrammatical, this guy's an attorney, and doesn't know these Leftist-Roe v. Wade-protesters are violating the law. Or at least won't say so.

18 U.S. Code 1507 states it is illegal, "with the intent of influencing any judge," to picket or parade "in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness or court officer." Schumer knows this Mob is attempting to influence the justices in the way they vote, and he approves.

One thing no one has asked, is, given the presumed impecable moral fiber of a Supreme Court justice.

And given that the highest Court procedure is to research, analyze, debate and painstakingly decide, how does the Mob know Conservatives will vote to reverse Roe?

They don't. Because their real goal is to stack the Court.

Hang tough.


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