May 18th, 2022 2:40 pm
May 18, 2022

Years ago there was Rural Free Delivery and party phone lines.

And nobody minded.

Nobody had their identities stolen as a result of the party line. And folks living in remote homes were grateful when they became "RFD," and no longer had to pick up their mail at sometimes distant post offices or pay private carriers.

These people were happy. 

During World War II, London was bombed. Basic foods -- sugar, meat and cheese -- were rationed in America and elsewhere. But people were happy to sacrifice because they knew it was a sacrifice for freedom.

And they came out stronger.

Today, people have it all, yet are upset and need a "safe space" and the day off if they think a law regarding abortion might be changed. But they don't bother to read the leaked draft Supreme Court decision that has them crying in their beer.

They are so much weaker than generations that went before. They are less grateful, less willing to protect their country. So much more educated, but so much more ignorant.

And they are so much less happy.

Even though they have it all.

Hang tough. 
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