May 25th, 2022 2:12 pm
May 25, 2022

It's nothing new, Republcans rolling over and giving up. And look where it's gotten the country.

It has everything to do with the way Democrats stick together, even with people like Biden and Pelosi. And the way Republicans don't.

Even conservatives who like Donald Trump preface their comments with statements that are actually criticisms of the president. "Orange man bad," they say,  thinking they are mocking Democrats, when they are actually being disloyal to a president who deserves better.

Their sentences begin with, "Whether you like him or hate him," or "You might be tired of his tweets."

What friend calls you his friend, then parades insults out about you to your enemies?

Whatever the reason, it's got to stop. It looks like Conservatives are pandering to Democats.

Something a Democrat would never do.

Hang tough.
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