June 1st, 2022 11:00 am
June 1, 2022

A leak from the White House has it that President Joe is angry.

That he's being blamed for the country's problems. 

That they laugh at his explanation of what guns do.

And that his staff does more walking than a Marathon Walkathon, having to walk back his comments. 

Despite heroic efforts to blame everyone else for everything else after a scant 16 months in office, Joe's "numbers" are in the toilet.

All this is happening to Joe while tomorrow a beloved Queen Elizabeth will be celebrated on her Platinum Jubilee, honoring the 96-year-old lady for her 70 successful years on the throne.

Elizabeth is beloved not just because she's adorable and strong, but because she did the job, and did it well. Joe could take a lesson.

Hang tough.
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