June 15th, 2022 2:34 pm
June 15, 2022

It's not a new phenomenon, elitists being unaware of what "the little people" do.

Watch a PBS special on the Roosevelts. The Great Depression didn't make a dent in their lifestyle.

The elitists live in a different world, where they always have the best of everything, and the little people don't. It's always been true, and it is today. The Pelosis, Bidens, Obamas, etc. They have the luxury of handing out Rules to Live By, but they have no idea, nor interest, in balancing theirs and the country's budgets.

The way the little people have to.

This is true in Communist countries. Those at the top make out like bandits. The difference is, we have our Constitution. It evens the playing field against those who are hopelessly rich.

The Founding Fathers knew who needed protecting: The little people. They'd been there and done that. Although I don't think they had the t-shirt.

They created a Second Amendment, that was absolute, because they knew from personal experience, that without the right to bear arms, the little people wouldn't stand a chance.

Hang tough.
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