It's Political Apartheid

November 25th, 2020 4:28 pm
"A common mistake people make when trying to design something completely foolproof, is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." Douglas Adams, English Author

November 25, 2020, And Every Wednesday

By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.

How did a crooked election end up with Sidney Powell being wrong?

Normal people in America believe that there is always a way to fix things that are wrong. But not any more.

Forget about seeking redress from the courts. And soon, don't bo

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Cheat 'Em

November 18th, 2020 3:24 pm
"There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot." John F. Kennedy, Seven days before his assassination

November 18, 2020, And every Wednesday
By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.

It happened to Ingrid Bergman.

Her on-screen hubby "Gaslighted" her to the point she didn't know Charles Boyer from Charles Bronson. Or what day of the week it was.

He drove her nuts, and he did it on purpos

Don't Stop Believing

November 11th, 2020 2:27 pm
"Never stop fighting for what you believe in and for the people who care about you. Carry yourself with dignity and pride. Demand the best from yourself and be totally unafraid to challenge
entrenched interests and failed power structures." President Donald
J. Trump

November 11, 2020, And Every Wednesday

By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.

It ain't over "til the Fat Lady sings. And there's no question about it. There'll be no singing. Because the Election ain't over.

Not even w

Red Light Go; Green Light Stop

November 4th, 2020 4:13 pm
Anyone can see a forest fire. Skill lies in sniffing the first smoke." Robert A. Heinlein, American Science Fiction Writer

November 4, 2020, And Every Wednesday

By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.

We should have known when they stopped teaching cursive writing.

It wasn't a good sign.

Civil War soldiers wrote lovely letters to their families, and had beautiful penmanship. Our kids can't do that.

Schools scrapped teaching penmanship, because, we are told, it was a "waste of

Make America Great Again, Again

October 28th, 2020 5:37 pm
"Be yourself. No one can say you're doing it wrong." Snoopy

October 28, 2020, And Every Wednesday

By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.

Real. Unreal. Good. Bad.

In today's world, it's hard to tell the difference.

That's mostly because the "bad" things and what's really happening in the world aren't reported in the news.

So, who defines "all the news that's fit to print?"

CEO's of social media companies. The Woke Folks in Hollywood. And sports teams. All the people who

Right Now is Your Tomorrow

October 21st, 2020 6:41 pm
"Miss the beat, you lose the rhythm. And nothing falls into place." Right Now, Van Halen

October 21,2020, And Every Wednesday

By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.

There are people who cut a dog's vocal cords to keep him from annoying them with his barking.

What kind of people do things like that?

Well, people who don't want to hear a doggie's opinion of the cat across the street, of course.

And the Commission on Presidential Debate.

This supposed "unbiased" organiza

We Will Survive

October 14th, 2020 6:22 pm
"I'm tired of these self-righteous environmentalsts, these white, bourgeois liberals, who think the only thing wrong with this country is that there aren't enough bicycle paths. People trying to
make the world safe for Volvos." George Carlin

October 14, 2020, And Every Wednesday

By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.

"Save the trees, save the bees. Save the whales, save those snails."*

Everybody's a victim. That's the way Democrats like it, and they aim to keep it that way.


Reimagining the U.S.A.

October 7th, 2020 4:02 pm
"Any idiot can point out a problem. A leader is willing to do something about it." Tony Robbins

October 7, 2020

By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.

China gives a pretty good paycheck. Ask Disney, LeBron James and the NFL.

Or Joe Biden's son.

But when you make a deal with the Devil, there comes a Day of Reckoning. It did for wealthy Cubans who believed Fidel's promises of Hope and Change. He couldn't get rid of them fast enough.

Communists are Communists. One day you're th

Debating the Father of Borking

September 30th, 2020 3:47 pm
"The Devil can cite Scripture for his purpose." Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

September 30, 2020

By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.

People thought Mozart was a bit of an idiot. Even so, he was feted by princes and kings alike. His idiotic behavior didn't seem to bother them at all.

Same goes for Joe Biden.

The difference is that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a man of prodigious accomplishments. He produced 20 operas, 18 Masses, 27 piano concertos, 23 string quartets, 35

Be Fast. Be Flexible. Be Ready for What's Ahead

September 23rd, 2020 4:12 pm
"I can bring home the bacon.Fry it up in a pan. And never let you forget you're a man." 'Cause I'm a Woman, Enjoli Perfume Commercial 1982

September 23, 2020

By: Linda Case Gibbons, Esq.

Just 'cause you want it, doesn't mean you can have it.

You can't buy a house if you don't have the money.

And you cannot stop the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice just because you want to.

You're not president. Trump is. Even "Deathbed Wishes" won't make your wishes come t