November 3rd, 2021 3:44 pm

November 3, 2021

If you aren't surprised at Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi being welcomed by Pope Francis with open arms, then you won't be surprised that a Catholic University is hosting a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood.

Loyola Marymount University is doing it this month. And a column in the school's student newspaper, written by a social justice intern condemned the Texas Heartbeat Act.

But why should we be surprised. The school is simply following the lead of the Pope, who does...

October 27th, 2021 6:31 pm

October 27, 2021

When you need medical assistance, or help from law enforcement in New York City, who you gonna' call? It probably has to be Ghostbusters, because first responders will be out of their jobs this Friday.

With a head and heart second only to Joe Biden, Mayor de Blasio admitted he doesn't have a Plan B. He says he kind of hopes people will cave and take the jab.

I don't know. This Monday city workers marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, chanting "Hold the line," "F**k...

October 20th, 2021 12:02 pm

October 20, 2021

As if he hasn't done enough.

Now California Gov. Newsom has signed a bill that will ban all gas-operated blowers and lawn mowers by 2024.

Small businessmen are already tearing their hair out as they walk gingerly among the needles and homeless in California cities, while Newsom and other Democrat mayors and governors search for new ways to turn the screws on business owners.

In and Out Burger in San Francisco has been closed down for neglecting to check custo...

October 13th, 2021 7:05 pm

October 13, 2021

Believe it or not, you can still buy the Chatty Kathy dolls, the dolls sold by Mattel in 1959. Pull the string, and your dolly will speak.

But if you think about it, why buy a dolly when you can have a real live lady?

Put Kamala Harris in front of whatever group it is, and, like Hillary, she'll say whatever the audience wants to hear. And you don't even have to pull her strings.

This week she addressed the National Congress of American Indians and bashed "the...

October 6th, 2021 3:25 pm

October 6, 2021

There are so many "If Only's" in life. One of them is that George Soros can never run for president in the U.S. of A.

Geotge was born in Budapest, so the Constitution says he can't. But that doesn't stop him from influencing every aspect of life in America.

Like the Social Justice prosecutors in LA, Chicago, New York and Philly? You can thank Soros for that. He's a funny guy. He wants to remake America and taking down our cities, dismantling our legal system, is so...

September 29th, 2021 1:58 pm

September 29, 2021

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is a gutsy guy, who can think on his feet, and doesn't pull any punches. 

He looked like presidential material and wasn't afraid to expose Democrats when it was needed, and that's exactly what got him in trouble and when the "smear campaign" against him began.

The FBI said he was being investigated, but then we never heard another word about it. But it worked. Gaetz  was sidelined.

This week he made a comeback, questioning Gen. Mille...

September 22nd, 2021 2:32 pm

September 22, 2021

The Leftist media was delighted that the crowds gathered in D.C. last week to protest the arrests of January 6 demonstrators were sparse.

Could it be that the presence of local, state and federal law enforcement might have had a chilling effect?

The Left may hold all the cards, but they are scared silly that the type of people who dare to exercise their right of assembly and freedom of speech, are the types who aren't afraid to come to a Trump rally.

And th...

September 15th, 2021 2:54 pm

September 15, 2021

Life is funny sometimes.

During the Pandemic, there were those who were "essential." There were even signs on front lawns thanking some of them.

There were the healthcare workers at your local hospital. The checkout lady at your supermarket. The people who kept us fed and protected us from madness.

But now, Sleepy Joe has decided that those "essential people" must be vaccinated or else they will lose their jobs. Nurses in Texas are being fired by the boatlo...

September 8th, 2021 3:16 pm

September 8, 2021

Canada's Prime Minister JustinTrudeau may look cute in the little outfits he likes to wear from time to time. Like when he and his whole family decked themselves out in Indian costumes when visiting India.

But this week, whatever he has done to lock down Canadians because of Covid has eroded whatever good feelings his countrymen have for him.

While campaigning, Trudeau was hit by gravel sized stones, which probably didn't come from supporters.

Like Gov. Gavi...

September 1st, 2021 5:13 pm

September 1, 2021

Hillary, like a bad penny, has surfaced again today. No, not to comment on the tragedy occurring in Afghanistan. And not to offer condolences to the families of the U.S. servicemen killed there.

Hillary is mad as a wet hen about a Texas law which will take effect today which makes abortions illegal after a heartbeat is detected. The law was allowed to go into effect after the Supreme Court chose not to rule on it.

And it's funny. You always know you know it, but...